Komplet sztućców 68el. Oscar op. prostok.



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Oscar Komplet sztućców 68 szt. 44x29x9cm


The dishwasher-safe stainless steel cutlery in the Oscar collection boasts a gently rounded design and subtle embossing on the knife handle. Comes in an elegant cardboard box with an image of the product.
This cutlery set for up to twelve people is perfect for any occasion, from festive events with lots of guests, as basic accessories for everyday meals or even as a sophisticated and practical housewarming or wedding gift.
Treat a loved one to a stylish gift. The set consists of 12x Table spoons 12x Table forks 12x Table knives 12x Coffee spoons 12x Cake forks 1x Sugar spoon, 1x Cake slice 1x Vegetable spoon 1x Salad fork, 1x Salad spoon 1x Soup cup/Cream spoon 1x Meat fork, 1x Sauce ladle

Informacje dodatkowe

Numer produktu 1263399081
Instrukcja obsługi można myć w zmywarce
Wysokość 44X29X9CM
Materiał Stal nierdzewna
Waga approx. 3.82 Kg

Producent Villeroy&Boch
Kolekcja Oscar

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